New York Diesel

"NYD is recommended for a numb head - spacey head rushes and forgetting wtf your doing"
New York Diesel picture
FaTe happy obliges to smoking himself stupid to tell you what's what

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Quick Facts

  • Shock - most commonly found in New York.
  • Direct Mexican balance 50% indica 50% sativa.
  • Exotic red ripe grapes smell and taste.
  • Most often yields a very large crop.
  • Often described to give a "cerebral high".

  • I spent lots of time photographing the weed, well setting up the scene while rolling a joint or 2 or 3...
    New York Diesel is a weed I've long been smoking now so writing a review shouldn't be that hard...right?

    Turns out that I'm already 4 joints in and keep getting side tracked into staring at the wall thinking about what to write while smoking some more so now I need to roll another joint!
    Environment: Indoor
    Flowering Time: 55-70 days indoor
    end of September
    THC: 15-20%
    Grow Height: 65CM
    New York Diesel is very much world famous ranking well with other top strains such as White Widow or Purple Haze. New York Diesel first drummed up popular demand in New York itself turning into one of the highest selling strains on the streets. The strain has since been adapted and purified further for a higher THC %. NYD is widely known for its rich ripe grape smell and flavour during smoking which in itself is very smooth leaving nothing but a fruity taste.

    Usually a good few joints into smoking just one type of weed you get a ever growing bad taste in your mouth usually effects how much you drink also besides the cotton mouth effect lol, however NYD is just not giving me that at all, the cotton mouth yes but that be all which is why I like to smoke while working even though the odd stare into space moments occur.

    Check out the crystals mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    So close I could smell the sweet flavour :)
    Pro`s :
    NYD comes in at quite an average price in most places so for the quality you can't really go wrong.
    Con`s :
    Depending on where you go NYD can be known for "more stick than weed" in other words make sure you are not paying for branch than bud.
    Final Thoughts :

    NYD is the high of high weeds simply put, You can expect to feel your front forehead go numb or heavy while a pleasant high overtakes your brain. My only saving grace here is Firefox's sexy inbuilt spell check saving my ass.
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