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White Widow

"YUMMMMMMMMMY What more needs to be said! Oh yeah the review..."
White Widow picture
FaTe happy obliges to smoking himself stupid to tell you what's what

All the pictures in this article where also photographed by FaTe
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Firstly let me get the "detailed information" out there...

Quick Facts

  • Most found In Netherlands, popular choice in coffee shops
  • It has won the Cannabis Cup hands down
  • When drying it can smell like overripe apples
  • A cross of Indian indica and Brazilian sativa strain
  • One of the hardest hitting weeds to the nervous system!

  • cant...stop...drooling...looking
    Its so sticky I gave up grinding it and got to hand-picking...

    wait no that's an excuse I apologise

    I wanted to lick my fingers afterwards !
    Environment: Indoor / Outdoor
    Flowering Time: 55-62 days indoor
    Beginning October outdoor
    THC: 12%
    I`ve had white widow before whilst I was in the south of England a few years back and it was pretty damn nice then but the Netherlands....It's a whole other ball park!

    After rushing back from the Coffee shop to get to rolling I opened the bag to get a good smell (not really needed all I had to do was smell my jacket pocket lol yes its THAT potent) its a sweet weed very much a fruity smell. As we where away there was no option of pipe or bong but joints (I prefer) will do!, Grinder was after 10 minutes RE-opened (with a fking screw driver) and all the weed taken out, Hand-picking was the pick of the day and off I went, It's a very compact weed (more for your money!) and was more sticky than a normal regular weed (such as power plant or orange bud).

    If your looking to have a "secret" smoke with this FORGET IT no amount of air-freshener will work open a window and get to waving a magazine or some shit lol. My joint was giving off super white smoke it was fucking fantastic unfortunately I got too mashed to remember to take a picture of the white smoke :/ sorry next time. The full taste of white widow is fruity again to the very last hmm hmm hmm drop, Its so easy to smoke (to me ?) I was finishing Joints in no time and re-rolling the next (have to check What I wrote a few lines ago is still true you know!)

    We managed to take home about 10 grams in total and there was a fair dint in it by the end of the night (7am next morning? night wtf), After being totally wasted I can only conclude right now the word "yes", "Yes" get some , "Yes" smoke it , "Yes" buy more!!!

    Its almost like Christmas but better!

    A full bud ready to go :P
    Pro`s :
    mind f^cks you in many wonderful ways
    Con`s :
    can be expensive...check what your buying!
    Final Thoughts :

    If you`ve got the moneys and can get your grubby hands on some then DO! If you`ve been on a mellow weed or such for a whiles and fancy a good refreshing hit of "enter drool here" then this is the shitz for you...and you...and you!!!!!..(yes you in the back too...)