Super Bud

"The bud crumbles really easy giving excellent coverage on a joint"
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FaTe happy obliges to smoking himself stupid to tell you what's what

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A fruity smelling compact bud

Quick Facts

  • Smokes just nice not too harsh
  • Great by itself and mixed any time of the day
  • Compact thick buds makes for a good deal
  • ED ROSENTHAL strain is layered with both Indica and Sativa!
  • Equatorial area (Africa, Central America and the Caribbean)

  • A little while ago I was unable to get my usual Orange bud for working with and decided to go with some Super bud and I`m really glad I did!

    Super bud is a very compact bud and yet crumbles really well which straight away only points out the value for money this weed provides. Smelling the Super bud is quite a joy it has a very fruity smell with a deep aroma of hash backing it up, it is very drool worthy and that being said this most excellent joint is now finished.

    Finding a weed that allows me to still work and enjoy the smoking is sometimes a tricky balance, Too much and I`ll be stoned and none of this text will make sense, Too little and well lets face it what`s the point in smoking weed if you cannot enjoy it, However Super Bud seems to have this great, I feel nicely mellowed out with idea`s for work while at the same time I can still get up and actually make food, reach the toilet, remember my name and I feel it when I slap myself hehe.

    Environment: Indoor
    Flowering Time: 55-65 days
    Harvest: October/November
    Grow height: 110-140 CM
    Average Yield 115-135 gr
    THC: varies 18%+

    Smoking Super Bud is always consistent in taste and smoothness it first delivers the fruity taste with a back of a pineapple which fades off to a deep hash after taste it`s like the weed cocktail of tastes, Each new draw picking up the taste back up. The process of this seed to weed is something special also with the gains from the crop being up to 150% taller than a regular weed and still growing within the time!

    Pro`s :
    Mixed tastes
    Compact bud
    Value for money
    Balanced strains
    Con`s :
    Final Thoughts :

    Super Bud was never a first choice for me before but after smoking I will have to say that from now on when others are out this WILL be number 1.
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