Power Plant

"One of my own favourite weed types"
Power Plant picture
FaTe happy obliges to smoking himself stupid to tell you what's what

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Not my first time for Powerplant and wont be my last either!

Quick Facts

  • Developed by Dutch Passion in 1997 from new South African genetics
  • Known to ripen faster than other weed plants on average
  • Variety is normally always very uniformal
  • Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
    Flowering Time: 55 Days*
    StrainType : Mostly Sativa
    Seed Type : Feminized
    THC : 15%

    A bud before sacrificing it to the great gods of stonerscolony

    Powerplant being one of my favourite weed type's I just could not say no to having to smoke some to write this review!. Powerplant over the years the same as all good weed strains kept a certain something about it, If it's the easy smoke, Easier to grind or just the damn flavour!. I normally grind powerplant as its a very very sticky weed and more would end up attached to me than in the joint, Either way it works out best to just not hand-pick.

    Normally I like to spread a good fine powerplant grind into my joint the finer the better, The weed is a very lax smoke nothing hard hitting about it, it's just that easy!. So because of all this I like to get stupidly wasted on it by packing a lot in seeing as It's not going to make me throw up or make me see a bit of my lung via coughing....

    There never seems be any "big" changes in how it effects me always put me in a very relaxed, smooth mood, It's very much the weed to put some good tunes on and kick back and toke yourself stupid not even caring your kitchens on fire and your wife ran away with milkman.

    The buds are very compact there's a lot of weight being thrown out by the plant here, Value for money!. Powerplant has a very sweet smell quite distinctive pine smell or even after taste pending on the batch as too how strong although not at all dis-pleasant, Because of the bud being so compact it's most likely you will always receive a full bud (pending on amount being spent) as there rarely split.

    Looking to chill, relax or even work (in my case this is the daddy weed to help you code/develop anything, Stills your mind allowing you to focus) then PP is the weed for you.

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    Pro`s :
    A very easy smoke
    Con`s :
    so easy your forget how much you smoked already
    Final Thoughts :

    A good average weed for day to day smoking
    Referances and more info :

    Quick links to buying, more info and growing

    http://www.canaseed.com PPP seeds (Pure Power Plant 20% THC!)