Orange Bud

"The compact bud sometimes makes it sometimes difficult to grind"
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FaTe happy obliges to smoking himself stupid to tell you what's what

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A great after taste of fruity orange
Quick Facts

  • Sweet orange aroma and hashy orange taste
  • A great daytime smoking weed
  • Has thick hard buds, orange pistils
  • A cross of Indica / Satica (around 55/45)
  • Strains like Dutch orange bud have 100% Skunk Heritage

  • I like my orange bud WHEN I can get it, It always comes back to the coffee shop but does have it's time of NOOOOO NONE LEFT!....However..Today back on the menu..Orange bud and I want you to know why its one of my top weed picks.

    The truth of the matter is I could get stoned beyond feeling my face everyday yes but there's this thing called life and I need to function (kinda anyways!). So essentially a weed that would be good for through the day too and Orange Bud was it!!!.

    Environment: Indoor / Outdoor
    Flowering Time: 56 days
    Harvest:Indoor: Months 9/10 | Outdoor : late Oct / Nov
    Average Yield 200g / Up to 500g outdoor
    THC: 16.5%

    Orange Bud has a very very strong smell of all out sweetness, It smells great obviously by it's name it's all orange fruity smells your getting here (those that did not figure that out by now HIT HEAD HERE)

    Rolling Orange Bud can be almost mission impossible but not if you follow these very obvious quick tips :
  • Electric grinding : break up small to avoid it sticking to blades
  • Hand Grinding : Again small bits this is the weed that will make it look like you need a blow torch to re-open your grinder
  • Hand picking : If you can avoid otherwise sticky as fuck fingers etc

  • Smoking Orange Bud was a bit of a twist first time round, You smell the weed as you do before you roll/smoke it and as I said being a fruity smell was expecting the taste to go with but got more than that, It's not a "hard" hitting weed but it does hold some hash features of a taste. Being still fruity its a very smoked orange taste. Also it's worth mentioning that the smoke given off by orange bud is the same as any other weed but it's one of the one's that really does carry it's flavour even into the after smoke of it all.

    Pro`s :
    Excellent smoke for through the day
    Con`s :
    Compact buds make hard work for grinders
    Final Thoughts :

    Orange Bud has always been my first alternative weed, It's good to smoke at any time of day, Giving a nice relaxed but focused feeling, Chill to work, game or whatever your doing :P
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