Afghaan the first place hashy

"(suggestion : mix with organge bud or powerplant)"
Afghaan the first place hashy picture
FaTe happy obliges to smoking himself stupid to tell you what's what

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"Afghaan is my first place hashy, its easy to smoke and has a real smooth taste"

Quick Facts

  • If grown outside the tops of the plants will turn purple as it gets too cold!
  • While growing it will spread a heavy hash smell!
  • Is always sticky, So picking is best
  • Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
    Flowering Time: 48-52 Days*
    THC : 15%

    A consistent mix brown look through out

    Normally I don't bother with hashy's I've did my time of brown when in the UK and in the Netherlands although (obviously) much better hashy I was always more interested in the weed. But like any good pothead there came a time when mixing was just needed. Afghaan I never rolled at first my girlfriend always did but damn it did smoke nice, Giving off a nice white smoke while toking (like out of a movie) and it's not at all a harsh on the throat type of hashy which makes it great to mix with.

    If I bother to section up the joint (like now) (rolling btw) then I can make a little area of joint to tell you exactly what it tastes like!(sec)... Smelling the afghaan it's a very fruity smelling hashy with a tint of a pine best put background smell, You can see by the photo's is a very "fresh" looking hashy too.

    Smells as good as it looks!

    A Compact birthday treat!
    This is a hashy that cannot be crumbled or heated or such, This is a you pick it to small piece's job and as its sticky that's down to your own rolling skills as to how well it works out for you!, If your piping this then expect a lung full this is nice shit best said, It keeps a long burn time compared to a regular dry hashy meaning longer toke times for you!

    If your mixing afghaan then pending on what with may determine exactly how much you actually taste

    The same as it smells it leaves almost like the tea forest fruits flavour, by that a fruity flavour thats not
    excessively strong giving a nice after taste to what you mixed with.

    Pro`s :
    Mixes well with most weeds
    (Best with mellow not high weeds)
    Con`s :
    The stickiness of it makes it an arse to roll sometimes
    Final Thoughts :

    Worth the average value compared to most other more expensive hashys this does well.
    Referances and more info :

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