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Bong picture The cleanest smoke you can possibly get
Vaporizers quick facts

  • Vaporizers use 1 of 3 methods to heat: Conduction, convection or radiation

  • No harmful by products like that realised when burning are present using a vaporizer

  • Down side is the performance of a vaporizer can seriously alter from brand to brand
  • It`s like sci-fi for stoners!

    Vaporizers have been around for a while now and most good coffee shops almost always have one or more in the shop for customer use so it proves it`s making a stay. Scientists have claimed it is a cleaner smoke, others say it`s a bit over the top, We say that it`s a damn good smoke!

    How does it work?

    Although the method of actually using a vaporizer varies too much these days the basic function of the vaporizer is to heat cannabis using a plate on which the cannabis sits which is then heated to ideally over 300 degrees Celsius.

    This actually heats and melts the chemical structure of the cannabis releasing the THC as it changes state from a solid to a gas leaving the rest of the residue behind. The smoke that is released is held within a air tight container of a sort, This can then be toked on like you would a bong.

    What the doctors say

    Quote wikipedia

    "At least five scientific studies have examined vaporizers. Studies have found the release of harmful constituents dramatically reduced or completely eliminated. Substantial reductions were also found for the M1-volatizer.

    However, a 1996 study including two simple vaporizers still found ten times more tar in the vapor than THC, although this was nevertheless up to a 30% improvement compared to the best alternative smoking method."

    The favourite

    The Volcano Vaporizer, considered by far the best yet one of the more expensive vaporizers on the market, is a State-of-the-art medical grade device from Germany, tested by California NORML & MAPS, and found to eliminate over 110 chemicals, delivering 95% pure cannabinoids in vapor.

    Their findings showed a "substantial reduction (about 99%) in certain toxins in the vapor as compared to marijuana smoke." A unique collection system avoids loss by collecting vapor in a special balloon. "Smoke without smoking!"


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