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Bong picture Rolling...Just dont forget to pass!
Rolling facts

  • First released in booklet form in 1834 from france!

  • The most common known oldest brand (1800 period also) is Rizla

  • Most common paper make up is using: hemp, flax, wood pulp, rice or esparto
  • rolling



    Rolling, It`s an art!

    Its wrote that rolling came about when (to keep it bias free as possible) a man had forgotten/lost/whatever his pipe and decided to use a piece of paper to roll his tobacco in, Since which the method has been refined to the point where not only can the paper we smoke be flavoured, different colours, different sizes but also the gum in which to stick the paper together is 100% natural.

    Rolling itself

    Many to-be pot heads who give rolling a go normally end up with some really deformed joints that people could not make even if trying...

    Eventually we all get it (well most of us) and its then that other types of papers become interesting. Of course there is your normal standard size paper for tobacco rolling but for the true stoner king size skins is usually the way to go.

    There is other brands that offer paper on a roll so you decide how long your smoke will be, The downside to this is the paper itself tends to have a curl to it from being on a roll so any really long joints will prove difficult to roll.

    As long as cannabis exists rolling will always be a method used, With ever coffee shop offering pre-rolls, skins, joint containers/tubes and ever other rolling paraphernalia you can think of. Rolling is here to stay, So best learn how or make your excuses now.

    All that remains is to show you this rather big joint and ask "Can you beat it?"


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