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Bong picture Small, Pocket size tokes of fun
Why pipes?

  • Pipes can be a single piece or a few pieces normally screw togther but it all fits in the pocket!

  • Quick, Easy and convenient to use pretty much anywhere

  • The price of pipes is always going to be far less than bongs or other methods (bar rolling)
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    Pipe your high!

    Pipes are the 2nd most used weed using method running behind rolling, The pipe being so easy to transport and use where ever you are makes it a constant popular choice. With the pipe form originally being the same as regular tobacco pipe with a thick stork to the bowl has over time grown thinner and also longer, with more and more metal pipe designs hitting the market and the ability to easy piece metal sections together means that "extensions" can be placed onto the pipe as many times as the user wishes!

    Glass pipes have made quite a mark in the market for unusual designs or classic style pipes with tints or fully transparent to give the pipe a different look.

    However I would not recommend running around with a glass pipe in your pocket...These are normally only for home use or even display (who knows why..)

    One of the best aspects of using a pipe is they are easy to clean, With a gauze top to stop big pieces making there way through.

    Helping the poor guy

    If you do not have a great supply of weed then a pipe can help brake down your amounts and usage seeing as no tobacco mixing goes on in the bowl but unlike bongs not a massive amount. Most people use pipes for when out and about and are not so much a home use item unless you`re by yourself.

    Compared against newer techniques?

    Well with items like vaporizers on the market people are raising the "its better for you this way" argument which is all fine and well but the fact remains that even 100 years ago when rolling papers where around a lot of people choose to remain with the pipe due to the clean smoke it provides, Even today this remains the case and every decent stoner should have a pipe lying around somewhere!