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Bong picture Hydroponics the way of the indoor pot farmer
How it came about

Growing outdoors is usual as is growing indoors in greenhouses and such, however without the technology that hydroponics research has provided we would not be doing better than regular outdoors. These days a computer can check grow conditions of a plant in whatever setup and have abilities to change grow conditions for the plant in real time.

Although the methods initially used for hydroponics was initially researched for topics like faster growth of food crops, Larger crop quantities etc. Obviously other social circles adapt technologies and pot heads are no different with resources available to buy for hydroponics set ups specifically for weed growing on the market today.
hydroponics hydroponics hydroponics

Hyroponics types

There is 6 main types of hydroponics:
  1. Aeroponics
  2. drip systems
  3. ebb and flow
  4. nutrient film technique (NFT)
  5. water culture
  6. wick systems
There is a great wiki indepth artice on the sytems Here

Hidden systems

Of course I had to advice that where applicable growing cannabis may be illegal, but in the past that has not stopped people coming up with methods to still grow in secret. As in the top left methods such as hiding a hydroponics unit inside of a computer case, under the floors, in the basement or even in a cave!

A hydroponics system is made to grow plants without soil. Plant nutrients are mixed with water and 'delivered' to the plants roots by a pump or other method. This delivering of nutrients means that the plant doesn`t have to use as much energy making roots in search of the nutrients it requires.

Energy not used looking for food is used to make the plant develop its leaves and flowers faster than they would if grown in soil.


By using a timer system owners are able to regulate and optimize the feed giving to the plants, It does not matter on the system delivery method used but all good growers will know the time in which a strain is fed can vary a lot from strain to strain and for new growers this is very much a trial and error process.

Most home growers will normally be able to put out 1-2 ounces per month on a 12 plant setup meaning never buying cannabis again!, Although the setup amounts vary and of course growing more will mean a bigger yield but over sight of your crop with management and the power requirements could leave you short or busted by the cops when your electricity meter is spinning fast as hell.

If you are planning on going for a larger crop I would suggest using a portable generator to provide your own juice. Keeping a generator running can be costly so using it to change leisure batteries meant for caravans and such is a better method. You run the generator till your power packs are charged then you can run of the batteries as a power source.

LED light systems

LED systems have always been put down for one reason or another mostly due to poor grow amounts it provided. Times have changed and with wide angle LEDs in glass casing so they can be used in virtually any setup! The great advantage of LED use is the very low power requirements to run them (up to 95% reduction in power consumption over HP Sodium type lighting) along with almost no heat being emitted there is no worry of burning crops or the height to which they can grow.

An average wide angle LED with last over 150,000 hours!


Quote from www.gro-tec.com

"Control Over Your Plants - The most important benefit to LED light is that you have full control over the wave lengths of Red and Blue light ! The amounts of red and blue light can be precisely controlled. Light can be placed exactly where you need it most. I have placed a Red LED right against the surface of many plants actually touching the areas most likely to produce a flower including orchids, and few days later flower buds started to form! Amazing!!! The level of growth manipulation and control that LEDs can offer the grower are only just now being barely explored. We have manipulated tiny seedlings with excess red light and in just weeks watched them burst into flowers. We have controlled annuals with excess Blue light into thinking summer was never going end and made the last for many years while turning them into monstrously large plants! LED growing is in its initiatory period and much more will be learned in the exciting years to come!"