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Bong picture Grinding makes life much easier
It is common for new pot heads to think that big chunks of weed will get you more stoned in a joint when the fact is just give me all the pollen in the world!

Although grinders have been around for a while it's only in recent years that they have really started to take new shapes with automatic electric grinders hitting the market and cheaper alternatives still doing the job quite nicely. We go over the most common grinders here to give you what's what.


Plastic / Acrylic grinders

Plastic grinders are the most common stock grinder you can buy, While they are nice and cheap there are downsides and reasons for the cheap price and its not because plastic is cheap...

While plastic grinders do work well the fact remains unless you regularly clean it there will come a time when you insert your weed get half way through rolling and then realize that the two half`s are stuck together like you just pored super glue all over it for fun.

Of course if you do clean your plastic grinder then a half decent one will do fine for a long while although plastic grinders are not the only type to suffer this, it will happen lots more on a plastic one.

All in all plastic grinders do the job and they are cheap so if you get stuck and have little cash it still beats hand picking.

Metal Grinders

When metal grinders first came out the designs where pretty similar to a standard plastic grinder but as time went on new concepts came out with excellent extras for people like us!

With multi stage grinders available where you insert your weed as normal and then grind, The first stage of the layers catches the normal size pieces that you will roll with and the next layer catches the finer dust / pollen that would normally end up caked on the side of a regular grinder, So when your done rolling you can sprinkle it with some dust fine THC...yummy.

Metal grinders are unique in the way that if you buy a designed metal grinder with engraved what ever it is you like then the fact is that it will not wear or get chipped or such like with other grinders, They work a long time and that goes for there looks also.





Wooden Grinders

Sometimes quality and style is exactly what you need and wooden grinders can often be just that. Just like any quality wood piece of work grinders can be styled and made with all different kinds of wood leaving lots of choice for us stoners.

Personalisation is often called for birthdays and such and for a pot head a wooden grinder can be customized or detailed in many ways, obviously this could be done with plastic or metal but this is cheaper and the results are always much nicer.

After trying and seeing quite a few god knows grinders some general tips include stay away from round polished grinders, If you get sweaty hands your buggered. Grinders with thin teeth spikes are no good they will either bend, not grind anything like it should or when cleaning prod the hell out of your hands.

Although not pretty square grinders are by far the easier wooden grinder shape to use, regardless of stuck or sweaty whatever you are you can always get a firm grip to grind and get it back open.

Electric Grinders

Grinding has been made much simpler since the introduction of electric grinders. Now you can just pop a few bud pieces into a container tub, attach it to the grinder and press a button. Although many versions in the beginning was mainly plastic content there was quite a few disappointments with electric grinders when after a few weeks they either give up or where so dirty they did not function properly, thankfully now there is a good range of metal grinders on the market.

If your going to buy an electric grinder I would seriously recommend going full metal this makes cleaning a lot easier keeping your grinder in good working order, The only downside to electric grinding is the majority of the pollen dust created ends up in the threads of the grinder than in your joint, I have seen some designs that try to incorporate it in but nothing as effective as a hand 3 stage grinder.

Over all I would say out of all grinders a metal electric is the way to go, Rolling is so much easier and time saved when needed.

Cleaning the threads on any sections is very important otherwise they will become blocked resulting in a bad grip and the chance of the pot flying off mid grinding! , Simply using a dish washing pad with clean water to scrub away bits will keep it in good shape.



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