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warning   Dangers and effects of using cannabis   warning
Quick facts:

  • The amount of deaths due to cannabis can never be determined due to each side of "for cannabis" and "against" cannabis giving their own results each time.

  • January 20th 2004 marked the first court ruling of "Death by cannabis" in the United Kingdom

  • The most recent surveys proving cannabis strength has increased is based on invalid tests which has varied over the years giving varied results.....
  • Being a cannabis based site I would expect many new visitors reading this to expect a biased view on the effects of cannabis, rest assured they are downsides dependent on the circumstance of use and also to point out as above how many facts even Government released documents can be very very misleading.

    Cannabis use itself

    Cannabis when used in vaporizers for example eliminates all the negative effects of smoking itself which 99% falls down to the tobacco most people use in joints. This information is based on cannabis itself and you should disregard any negative side effects of smoking tobacco. Smoking cannabis pure gives a purer smoke and a better high if you want to wait for each round of heating the vaporizer up.

    Cannabis poisoning is so rare that most medical professionals often use an alternative cause of death, This as in the quick facts has only ever been declared once in the United Kingdom but used the mans death (aged 35) for the anti-cannabis campaigns which again used flawed data from multiple government agencies. So just to recap there has been 1 official death directly linked to cannabis ever, most campaigns are based on bad information and the only real downside from smoking cannabis is when smoking cannabis with tobacco which happens if you smoke tobacco by itself legally anyways...

    So what are the downsides?

    Pretty much anything smoke based you inhale isn`t good for you as it contains tars and other bad substances which coat your lungs walls with everything you inhale, Many still uphold that holding the smoke in long as possible gets you more stoned when in fact your just getting light headed, allowing the smoke to really settle on your lung walls and will have a harder time regaining breathe afterwards...hmmm.

    The effects of cannabis which we regard as positive like pain healing and the actual high are also the very effects people use to cast a negative light on cannabis with impaired abilities to do (if you go by the Governments) anything!. So what`s the deal? Well I smoke cannabis on a daily basis from wake and bake to sleep time and in my many years driving, working, keeping myself in order have actually managed to keep myself alive and functioning as a human being! lol, It`s all down to personal moderation and how you actually smoke as how negative the effects of smoking become but from history and current times I think your more likely to die from acting like an idiot or being unlucky than from putting a joint in your mouth and getting high