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Bong picture Bongs come in all shapes, sizes and costs!
Bong Facts

  • Bongs have always been a popular choice bought and if a true pot head created DIY style

  • Basic parts: Down tube, Bud bowl, Water bowl and shaft. While better bongs do have more (below)

  • Massive bongs are not always better, Too much water and you will go red in the face toking!

  • Set ups vary but common changing features such as amount of toke pipes is always a given.

  • If buying a bong then something different is always nice but remember to check quality!
  • bong Glass bongs

    Glass manufactured bongs have been a favourite still ever growing today, The ability of glass workers to make designs to any design they feel and not be confined but regular shape working, This normally leads to some amazing designed Glass bongs.


    One of the down sides to glass bongs is how fragile they are and today`s methods of manufacturing make newer bongs less likely to smash into a million pieces if accidentally dropped etc, However do not be fooled by head shops gone cheap, Remember to check the quality of the glass and the thickness.

    A good thick base with either moulded into 1 piece bongs or rubber grommet on connecting parts seem obvious things to remember but they still sell by the boat load so people are still buying them.

    bongMetal bongs

    Metal work and shiny things hehe always a good combination for a stoner, Designs and sizes of metal made bongs have over the years grew more and more unique and unlike other bongs give a degree of knowing that it will last a while as it cannot be damaged all that easy

    More good points of metal bongs include parts will normally be solid built on joins and where rubber grommets are needed will most often be exact fit which cannot always be guaranteed with other style bongs.

    Although glass is still mostly preferred over metal and others it is clear that those who need to mail order bongs will go for metal over glass due to how light a metal bong is compared to glass bong.

    There is down sides such as caring and maintaining the bong to stop any corrosion or rust developing especially inside where you often cannot see half the time.

    bong Wooden bongs

    Wooden bongs is how it all started in the bong world, Made from a method of hollowing small tree trunks and then combining different sizes to make a neck stem into the main trunk section, The first to come to places like the USA and such where all wooden.

    Although old wooden bongs are popular today as a old school buy. They are easy to clean and maintain, Almost impossible to brake unless trying and always a favourite with your friends.

    Hunting a good designed wooden bong is not as easy as others being that newer bongs are easier and cheaper to produce and wooden bongs (of decent quality) are generally hand made start to finish which makes them slightly more expensive. If your old school and have the cash then a quality hand made bong is a worth while buy.